SAT Writing Sample Questions

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Are you looking for SAT Writing sample questions, or help in general on the SAT Writing section?

Well, you’ve found the right website!

I’ve gotten a perfect score on the SAT Writing section (twice!) and teach SAT Writing as a professional tutor.

After months of dissatisfaction with the SAT Writing sample questions available in existing SAT prep books, I just decided to write my own questions!

That’s right – these SAT Writing sample questions are available NOWHERE ELSE. They’re not just copies of the Official SAT Study Guide – they are ALL-NEW!

Ok, it gets better!

What else will this SAT Writing prep book also teach you?

My book contains a total of 255 SAT Writing sample questions, and that’s some great practice right there, but it also contains:

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  • 12 clear and concise grammar lessons
  • Explanations of two key SAT Writing strategies that I use to get a perfect score every time
  • Writing and grammar pretest to quickly diagnose your weak spots
  • Final comprehensive test to identify any topics that need more practice

My students tell me it’s one of the best textbooks they’ve ever used. Some of them even say it’s fun to work in and request it by name in our lessons!

How much can this SAT Grammar prep book help you improve your score?

It’s made my job MUCH easier, and I’ve seen students gain anywhere from 50-200 points in the SAT Writing section from just a couple of hours spent working in this book!

Those are HUGE point gains, and that’s an AMAZING return on your time investment.

I am absolutely not making this up – and to prove it, I offer a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied and impressed by the quality of sample questions in this book.

Check it out today – spending a little effort and a few bucks today will pay off big in the long run – think  better schools, better jobs, and a better life for yourself!

The SAT Writing section matters –  don’t let this chance slip past you!

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