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Many students aren’t happy with their first performance on the SAT – if you’re one of those students, have no fear! Yes, you are able to take the SAT more than once.

In fact, you can take the SAT as many times as you want (as long as it fits on the calendar!)

Winning higher scores on the SAT can lead to more scholarship money, better college acceptance odds and brighter career options – so it’s no wonder many families are relieved to learn that they can take the SAT (and ACT) tests multiple times.

Is it a good idea to take the SAT more than one time?

More than 50% of students get a higher score the second time they take the SAT, so it can be a smart move to retake, especially if you’re going to buckle down and study with a tutor or get some good SAT Prep Books.

In fact, it’s my experience as an SAT tutor that many students score highest on their third official SAT test – usually this test date should be at the beginning of Senior year, right after students have had the summer to study on their own or with a tutor or class.

If you’re willing to spend some of your free time studying SAT vocabulary, doing practice sections, and possibly getting a professional tutor, then it is most definitely a good idea to plan to take the SAT again and get a better score!

It’s completely normal to take the SAT more than once, and in general it will improve your odds of getting your highest possible score.

Keep in mind that any time and money spent prepping for a better SAT score can frequently be recouped in scholarships, awards, and grants if you’re willing to put in the time to learn about them and actually apply for them.

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