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So you’re looking for some English grammar tips and tricks? I don’t blame you – the English language is famous for how confusing its grammar patterns can be.

It’s so crazy, in fact, that even native English speakers (like me) can go their entire lifetime and still constantly make mistakes!

So, I can only imagine how hard it must be to master the secrets of English grammar if you’re not a native speaker.

Why do you need to improve your English skills?

Maybe you need to improve your English skills for business, school, or your SAT and ACT score. You might want to go to a college or university in the United States. Perhaps you want to woo an American boyfriend or girlfriend :)

You might be trying to win a great college scholarship and you want to sound polished and intelligent!

The reason isn’t important. Somehow, you ended up at this website while looking for English grammar secrets, and the good news is, I can help.

A few of the benefits I’ve gained from having strong grammar skills:

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  • People always consider me “smart,” which equals respect and opportunity
  • I can speak confidently in front of any group of people
  • I can learn other languages more easily
  • My writing sounds professional and polished
  • I get perfect scores on the SAT Writing section
  • Friends and family come to me for advice on grammar and writing

Why I know the secrets of English grammar:

My website is mainly about SAT prep. If you’re unfamiliar with the SAT, it’s a well-known test that American and International high school students take as part of the university admissions process. Basically, it’s a very, very long test (4 hours!) that tests students in basic reading skills, math abilities, and… you guessed it… English grammar and writing.

So what’s this got to do with you and your English grammar problems?

Well, I’m a professional SAT tutor. Every day I help my students improve their skills in all three areas of the test – including the English grammar sections. Families pay me $50 an hour to help their students study, and I could easily charge $100 an hour and still have more students than I know what to do with.

I also have two perfect scores on the English grammar section of the SAT.

Basically, I really know my stuff!

Now, I’m going to spare you a long story about my life, but eventually I decided to write my own book about grammar, in order to help my students improve even more.

My SAT Writing book can teach anybody English grammar secrets:

Although my SAT Grammar Guide is designed specifically for the SAT, it is still incredibly useful to anyone who wants to learn some English grammar secrets!

I picked twelve of the most common English grammar mistakes and broke them down with lessons and practice questions, and then wrote an explanation of every single question… which means this book doesn’t need anything extra to help you improve your English grammar skills.

If you purchase this book (with a complete money-back refund if you’re unsatisfied!), you’ll gain access to hundreds of practice questions, two practice tests, and a dozen in-depth grammar lessons that will set you on your way to understanding the most confusing secrets of English grammar.

Yes, it’s true that this book was originally written for a slightly different purpose: to get my SAT prep students ready to ace the writing and grammar portion of their test.

BUT – the SAT Writing section is all about common English grammar topics that show up all the time in everyday conversation, newspapers, business communications, books, movies, and schoolwork.

Are you sure you know ALL of these secret grammar rules?

Almost no one I know has mastered all 12 of these topics. Even native English speakers commonly make parallelism and pronoun case errors, for example (and both parallelism and pronoun case are covered in my book).

If you’re searching for help with English grammar secrets, I want you to check out my grammar book today. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll be happy to give you a full money-back refund. You can’t lose!

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