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Good evening, everyone! First of all, I want to thank all my SAT Prep Blog RSS subscribers – we’ve just reached the 100-subscriber mark and while I’m still only half-clear on what that means, I think it’s awesome!

So thank you – for trusting me with your time and your SAT prep goals. I’ve basically high-fived myself each time one of you have joined up. I’m a huge dork, I know… :)

In addition, I’d like to report on some of my progress on the blog and website.  

Recent and Upcoming SAT Blog Updates:

Tonight I decided to make a change – my SAT prep question of the day subscription is on pause for the moment, and will probably transform into a weekly affair in the future. Editor’s Note #1: This idea eventually became my free SAT Prep mailing list – sign up today to download your Urgent Report on Critical Reading and access other subscriber-only bonuses! 

The subscription began as a “test run” and I feel it will be better to wait before I release it. Instead, you’ll notice that on my SAT blog, I have put up affiliate ads for programs and e-books that I believe may be useful in your SAT prep goals. Editor’s Note #2: Months later I finished writing my SAT prep books, which you can purchase in the bookstore!

There are also a few ads for longer-term goals, such as student loan options and winning college scholarships. I am going to be reviewing these programs and e-books in the near future and only keeping those that make the cut according to my standards.

However, based upon the strength of online reviews I have read, I expect all of these programs to succeed in their specific, unique goals. But it never hurts for me to check them out myself!

Just to make it doubly-clear: I am an affiliate of these programs, which means I profit when you make a purchase through my site. That’s why it’s important to me that I personally verify their quality as soon as possible.

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Again, online reviews have been favorable for these programs and they have all passed my initial inspection. Editor’s Note #3: In the end, I decided only to promote my own SAT prep books – most of the other available options didn’t satisfy me!

All of my efforts to build this website are, in a way, tests – I’ve never done anything like this before.  

SAT blogging feedback from you:

So, I’d really appreciate your feedback if you’re reading this right now. Even if it’s just “hello,” it will be very meaningful to me. Just say “hi!” in the comments! Or, tell me what you think about the new changes or the website in general!

In addition, it’s super-helpful when you promote my pages through StumbleUpon and all other social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. Please – try it out, or keep it up!

If this stuff is helpful to you, tell your friends and family about it. Help me build this community up from scratch. And thanks again! Ya’ll are the best! (Yes, I’m a Texan :))

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