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      “SAT Math… Vocabulary? Is that a typo?” We tend to associate SAT vocab-building with the Critical Reading section, but even SAT Math Vocabulary is important. For example, are you confident in your answers to the following questions?

Common SAT Math Vocabulary Questions:

  • What is an “integer”?
  • Does 0 count as an “integer”?
  • Is 0 “positive” or “negative”?
  • What does the SAT Math mean when it says an “ordered pair”?
  • What are “consecutive” integers?

These are just simple terms that the SAT Math section expects you to be familiar with, but you may have never learned them or forgotten, or maybe you’re just uncertain, so let me clear this up for you:

  • For the purposes of the SAT, integers can be thought of as all the whole numbers
  • 0 IS an “integer”
  • 0 is neither “positive” nor “negative”
  • An “ordered pair” is just a coordinate like “(x,y)”
  • “Consecutive integers” are integers that follow each other one after another: 3,4,5… or -4,-3,-2,-1… etc.


More SAT Math Vocabulary:

  • “Perpendicular” lines intersect at right angles; their slopes are “negative reciprocals” of each other.
  • A “vertex” is a corner of a three-dimensional shape; a point where all sides meet.
  • The “product” of two numbers is what you get when you multiply them.
  • A “remainder” is what’s left over after one number divides evenly into a bigger number; for example, when 23 is divided by 5, the remainder is 3 (5 “fits” into 23 four times, with a 3 left “remaining” since it isn’t enough to fit another 5).
  • A “variable” is an unknown number that has many possible options of numbers that you can plug in for it.
  • A “constant” is an unknown number that cannot be changed and has only one option for numbers that you can plug in for it.

  There are many important math terms that you need to be familiar with before you take the SAT. It’s easy to see that even that math section of the SAT tests your vocabulary skills, so start developing them with my SAT Math Fundamentals workbook!

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