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Are you looking for a way to practice your SAT Writing skills to improve your final SAT score and get into a great college?

Believe me, you’re not alone. When I first became a professional SAT tutor, I was shocked to find how difficult it was to find quality SAT Writing section practice materials.

The Official SAT Study Guide is a great place to start – BUT – it really doesn’t have enough practice sections for the writing and grammar questions.

Sure, it seems at first like it has an endless array of writing practice: the book contains 20 writing sections.

However, 10 of those writing practice sections are extremely short – they’re only meant to take about 10 minutes, which is less than half of the typical 25-minute reading or math sections.

Also, 10 of those 20 writing sections only focus on one style of question: “Sentence Improvement.” That means that you, as an SAT prep student, are going to run very short on “Error Identification” questions, which many students find even more obnoxious than Sentence Improvement! 

Long story short, the Official SAT Study Guide is great for Critical Reading and Math practice, and only the most devoted SAT prep students will run out of practice sections in those two areas.

However, the writing practice will get used up much more quickly, and you might feel the need to work on more questions, but you don’t know where to find them.

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Even if you could find another source of SAT Writing practice questions, where’s the guarantee that you’ll learn anything from your practice? You might just make the same mistakes over and over again, not realizing that there’s a central grammar concept that you misunderstand.

Without some sort of organization to your SAT grammar study, you probably won’t improve. You’ll keep getting the same type of questions right, and pat yourself on the back thinking you’re doing well, but meanwhile, you’ll also continually miss the same topics. It’s just like treading water when you’re swimming.

You’re not going anywhere without some sort of lesson. But – after a year of frustration as a tutor, I decided to do what very few other SAT prep instructors were willing to do, and I wrote my own SAT Writing practice textbook.

Now, I’m not going to lie – it was a little bit tedious to write hundreds of practice questions, write explanations for all of them, create two practice tests, and tie everything together with 12 overarching lessons… But it really paid off.

My tutoring students love to work in this book – and not only do they say they feel much better about the SAT Writing section, they also do much better.

That’s because my textbook was carefully designed to be at the intersection of two things: the most common grammar topics, and the most commonly misunderstood grammar topics.

In other words, after getting my own perfect score on the SAT writing (twice, actually!), and more than a year spent teaching high school students from all academic levels, I was uniquely qualified to decide what this SAT Writing practice book should focus on.

So that’s what I wrote about… and that’s what you can get today through an instant, affordable e-book download.

If you’d like to purchase this SAT Writing practice e-book right away for only $20, and receive it instantly as a .PDF file, you should click here to download the Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Rules.

If it’s not to your satisfaction, you can just contact me for a full refund… but I KNOW you will find it incredibly useful. My customers and students tell me regularly that this book is worth many times the price I’m charging for it.

After all, I spent months and months planning and writing it, and it was written by a perfect-scoring, full-time professional SAT prep tutor.

If you’d rather learn a little more about the book before making your decision, you should click here to learn more about the Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Rules e-book.

Again, it’s only $20, with a full money-back refund if you decide you don’t like it.

I’m positive this book is one of the best SAT Writing practice materials currently available, and that the price is a steal.

Buy your own copy today – you won’t be disappointed!

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