Welcome to my SAT Prep Bookstore!

In my online bookstore, you can purchase digital e-book copies of my original prep books, which will be sent instantly to your e-mail inbox, no matter where in the world you live.

If you order more than one book at a time, you will receive an instant discount that gets bigger with each additional e-book you order. The more you buy, the more you save!

Consider the price of buying these e-books vs. the cost of tutoring, and you’ll see that you can achieve the same results while saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

All e-books come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

Package Discount Details:

Buy 2 eBooks, get 5% off your entire order!
Buy 3 eBooks, get 10% off your entire order!
Buy 4 eBooks, get 15% off your entire order!
Buy 5 eBooks, get 25% off your entire order!

Available SAT Prep e-Books

Write The Best SAT Essay Of Your Life!A 33-page guidebook to writing a perfect SAT essay. Includes a complete overview, frequently-asked questions, sample prompt list, comparison of a great essay and a poor essay, practice worksheets, and my own personal strategies for consistently getting a stress-free perfect score on the SAT essay section. Only $9.95.

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Top 30 Examples To Use As SAT Essay Evidence

30 examples from a broad range of subjects to use as evidence when you write the SAT essay. Each example comes with a summary, an analysis of relevant themes, a related vocabulary word, and key facts. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Makes a great companion to Write The Best SAT Essay Of Your Life! My most popular guide. 69 pages, $9.95.

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SAT Grammar Crammer

Let’s face it – studying grammar is boring and tedious. Use this textbook to increase efficiency and make the process painless. Features a unique “pretest” to identify your weak spots, 250+practice questions, and 12 grammar lessons. Study only what you need with expert-level guidance. 198 pages, $19.99

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SAT Math Mastery Level 1 eBook

It’s not that hard to improve your math score if you just know what to practice and where to begin studying. This book is a great place to start if your math score is below a 500. Includes diagnostic test, covers 20 critical topics. 97 pages, $14.99.

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SAT Math Mastery Level 2 e-book

A great book for high-achieving students that are already strong in the math basics. For students scoring in the 500-700 point range in the math section. Also makes an excellent follow-up book for anyone who’s finished up my Math Mastery Level 1 book. Includes diagnostic test, hundreds of practice problems, 20 major topics. 85 pages, $14.99.

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7 Responses to Bookstore

  1. jayn28pen says:

    [...] am interested to Buy SAT books but I am more interested with the e-book copies. It will be more comfortable because I can read it [...]

  2. [...] Good thing there is a cheaper and effective alternative to prepare for the SAT through these downloadable SAT math basics guidebooks! [...]

  3. mohsen says:

    am from ksa and i want to buy two books …. in how many days i will be able to recieve them

    • Christian says:

      Hi Mohsen! Thanks for stopping by :)

      The e-books are digital downloads, so you’ll get them INSTANTLY – today – once you purchase them!

      Hope this helps,
      - Christian

  4. Bianca says:

    How many times can I download the ebook? Am I able to download it on my tablet, laptop and phone?

    • Christian says:

      Hey Bianca, great question. You should be able to download it on all three without limitation upon the device you use, once you buy it. It will come as a PDF file, easy to transfer! After a long enough time, though, the download link may expire (I’ve never tried it myself!) so I recommend making sure you save a copy where you can find it, just in case.

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