Consider yourself lucky… for you will never have to spend as much time on SAT prep as I have.


Christian Heath: SAT Prep Tutor, Blogger, and Author

My name’s Christian, and I’m told that I’m great SAT prep tutor. Let me tell you the two main ways that I can help you out:

  • You can get a perfect score on the SAT with my help
  • You can ask me any question you want about the SAT (just join the mailing list!)

Bold claims, perhaps, but I believe I can back them up. Why? Well…

Here’s why you can trust my expert SAT wisdom:

  • Gotten a perfect 2400 on the SAT (most recently on October 1, 2011)
  • Started a successful independent SAT tutoring company
  • Personally taught SAT prep to over 200 students
  • Logged more than 2000 hours of one-on-one SAT prep teaching
  • Written FIVE original textbooks on SAT prep
  • Written an SAT prep blog that draws 15,000 visitors each month

Basically, I’ve been called something of a “whiz kid” all my life, and I’ve devoted a lot of my time since graduating from college to busting the SAT for the success of my students and my business.

It’s been “sink or swim.” Without any other employer, life savings, trust fund, or fall-back plan, I’ve simply relied on my teaching abilities, my test-taking experience, and my deductive reasoning to figure out the entire SAT from cover-to-cover.

What’s the point of SAT Prep?

I’ve gotten a unique perspective on this question that might surprise you, having been both a serious SAT prep student as well as a devoted (and entirely self-employed) SAT prep tutor for the last 4 years.

SAT prep serves different purposes for different people. The main people that matter, though, are the students and the parents.

There’s at least one thing I can say, though: In this day and age, disciplined SAT practice is a requirement for the serious student and his or her parents.

What do parents need?

Parents want to be reassured that they’re following the right steps to register for the SAT.

A parent always wants to make sure they’re on the right track, doing the right things at the right time.

Parents need guidance about the details of the SAT and I frequently spend time with them answering specific questions such as:

  • “What month should my son take the SAT and why?”
  • “How can my dyslexic daughter get additional testing time?”
  • “What scores do we need to reach to get National Merit?”

But what do students need?

Students, on the other hand, need professional SAT prep to stay motivated, review, practice, and banish fear. Students don’t even know what to ask.

A lot of my time with students is spent simply keeping them focused and on-track. I also am a glorified homework-checker for some kids.

Because the SAT does not test very advanced topics – instead, it uses tricks to make old topics more difficult – I don’t spend much time “teaching” new material, but rather reviewing old material with them.

Most of all, I think I get the greatest pride when a student says they feel more confident about the SAT. Of course, some of them phrase is as “feeling less afraid.” But, you know.

In the end, the SAT test has developed a terrifying reputation that it doesn’t exactly deserve. Sure, it’s tough, but parents and educators put so much pressure onto students that I’m not surprised when they’re almost ready to burst into tears in my office.

I might be really good at raising scores, but what I really enjoy is lowering stress.

Why do you think the SAT matters so much?

That’s a complicated question, but we can at least all agree on one thing – standardized testing is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

It’s not perfect, but the SAT test allows college admissions offices at least a decent chance to evaluate a student’s performance, particularly in comparison with other kids from around the world.

Right now, times are tough, jobs are scarce, and the future seems uncertain. There’s only one investment that anyone can really be sure of anymore, and that’s an investment in education.

In the new competitive global environment, more and more students and parents are turning to SAT prep as a way to secure a spot in an elite college and go on to a distinguished and high-earning professional career (of course, this takes a lot of work even after the test is over!)

The SAT matters because college matters. Plain and simple.

What 3 things should you do while you’re here?

#1) Join the list

Well, I recommend that the very first thing you do is join the SAT e-mail list. That’s going to help get you settled with a brief and instructive 7-day mailing list.

It’s also totally free, and you get a bunch of free bonuses just for joining. In fact, some of my most urgent advice is contained in the e-mail signup bonuses. Again, you get this stuff for free so it’s pretty much a no-brainer that you should sign up if you are actually serious about improving.

#2) Read some popular posts:

After you join the mailing list, I recommend browsing the Popular Posts listed in the right-hand sidebar to see what other people are reading, and from there you can just browse at your leisure and learn all about the SAT exam.

People from all over the world have read and commented on my posts (there have been visitors from over 160 countries and territories!) – I’d love it if you joined in the conversation or asked any questions that you had!

#3) Check out my e-books:

Last but not least, you can buy my e-books and I think they’re a great value for any student or parent who is committed to quality SAT prep, plus you get to instantly download them from anywhere in the world.

These books literally represent the product of hundreds and probably thousands of hours of experience from a full-time multiple-perfect-scoring SAT prep tutor and textbook author.

Now I know you can understand the value of that! So if you seriously want to get started prepping today you can download the e-books from the bookstore.

Thanks for stopping by!

30 Responses to About Christian: SAT Prep Tutor / Author

  1. Mary says:

    Hi! As a private SAT and ACT prep tutor, I am always searching for new ideas for helping my students to best prepare for the Critical Reading section. (Please visit my website.) I found your website today and am very impressed with the wonderful and accurate information. I am also interested in your essay book and the speedreading course. I would love to talk with you if you would like to share thoughts and ideas. Please call me (Mary Wharton Schroeder) at 813.340.4231 or send your phone number to me. I look forward to your reply. Mary

  2. Mary says:

    Forgot to mention that my website is Mary

  3. Mary Nelson says:

    You are a genius. As a former teacher , I decided to tackle my kids’ SAT prep. I have hard working kids w/ great GPAs but poor PSAT scores.
    I have compiled a notebook of material that dovetails nicely w/ your work.
    I bought your two downloads and will encourage friends to do the same.
    You saved our family hours of time.
    Your downloads are worth multiples of what you charge.

    Best to you and a million thanks,
    Mary Nelson

    • Christian says:

      So glad you found it useful! I have been on vacation for a while now – it’s been a long time since I stepped away from the SAT – but I’ll be back at work soon, and I have some great new ideas for upcoming SAT prep projects and products.

      Your words mean more than I can say! It’s so nice to have encouragement when you’re working on your own, and word-of-mouth has been the foundation of my SAT prep business since day one. Thanks again Mary!

  4. Naveed says:

    Hello Christian,

    I think your books can provide great service / value to students taking SAT test. Can I promote your books as an affiliate from my website? If yes, can you offer 50% percentage of the gross sale?



    • Christian says:

      Hi Naveed, I’m glad you think the books provide a great service to SAT-takers! I completely agree and I hope more and more students continue to try them out and see the value they’re getting and the confidence and score improvements they can gain :)

      I’d love to explore a business partnership with you. Just sent an e-mail with more details.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      – Christian

  5. Ruth Park says:

    Hi, Christian, Glad to meet you. I work for Korean Newspaper Company and My main job is to translate useful information into Korean for Koreans in America. Today, i was searching for SAT Writing tips and came to find your website. Can I translate some information to our readers here in your Website. Of course i will cite your courtesy of your name.

    • Christian says:

      Hey, that sounds amazing! Sure, go ahead and translate it as long as my name and website are included with the translation! Thanks so much for asking permission :) and tell me if there’s anything that needs to be clarified!

  6. Maheswaran.P says:

    Dear Christian

    Good Evening

    US Consulate Library in Chennai, India have an Education mentor at USIEF center, they provide SAT preparation Reference material like Princeton, Kaplan, Collegeboard for the members. Appreciate if you could approach them to include your publication in their library which will bring more and more student to have your books in India. Traditionally India stand number one position in the intake of International fresher in USA. Highest market share from India. All the best.

    • Christian says:

      Hi Maheswaran,
      Thank you for contacting me with this awesome idea! I would love to discuss it further. Helping students worldwide ace the SAT is one of my main goals.
      I’ll send you an e-mail and we can discuss it!
      – Christian

  7. doug moore says:

    I left you a FB msg but did not receive a reply…

    • Christian says:

      Hi Doug, I’m not sure you reached the right person on facebook! :(

      • doug moore says:

        Hi Christian, was wondering how I could reach you by phone to talk to you about your SAT prep/SAT essay info. Please email me directly at my gmail address above. Thanks and look forward to speaking with you. BTW, I’m in California, so best time to reach me is after 9 am PT. Doug

  8. zhenni says:

    i am zhenni
    does the book contains the explanation about what type of theme we can use ,like the one you explain in the literature ? and how can i buy one in PDF?

  9. Rachel says:

    This is Rachel..
    I want to buy you e-book about the SAT essay examples
    however the doubt that whether this website is safe stops me from buying it,,
    will you prove that this site is safe??

    or can anyone who visit here or used to buy Christian’s books prove that his e-books are safe??

    Thank you

    Sorry for being a little rude,, but just to check,,!
    hope you understand~

    • Christian says:

      Hey Rachel – glad you’re interested in the books. yes, this site is totally safe and payments are processed through PayPal so it’s a service you can trust.

      I would really, really like to fix anything that’s causing people to doubt my trustworthiness! Do you think you could take a second to list a few of the things that make the site seem untrustworthy, and I can work on fixing them?

      Thanks for stopping by :)

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I’m not sure if you are still wanting confirmation that this is a safe website from which to purchase these books. I downloaded them several months ago and had no issues. Payment is through PayPal, as Christian stated, and was secure and simple. Nothing harmful was contained in the downloads.

      I have also exchanged several emails with Christian and received a personal (not Spam or automated) reply each time.

      I do notice that the bookstore page does not list the math books (images or descriptions), so it’s a little unclear as to how to purchase them.

      I made my purchase before the website updates. I first joined the mailing list, then bought all books as one package. I can’t speak to how the download works if purchasing just one book, but I believe it would be just as secure.

      • Christian says:

        Thanks Audrey for verifying that it’s safe to purchase from my site!

        I have recently put the math workbooks back up (another thank you Audrey for reminding me!)

        Yes, it should be very simple to add either one, or multiple, books to your PayPal cart and download them instantly no matter how many you’re getting at once ;)

  10. Larry Krieger says:

    Hi Christian! I am happy I discovered your website. I just downloaded a copy of your ebook on 30 Great Essay topics. You may know me as the author of the first three editions of Direct Hits. Thought you would like to know that I have published a new Vocab – CR book: SAT Vocabulary: The Essential 500 Words. Like DH, Essential uses lots of vivid examples. Unlike DH it also discusses how the words are actually used on real SATs. In addition, Essential has a 6 chapter tutorial on sentence completions and a 6 chapter tutorial on passages. If you send me an address I will be happy to send you a copy of the book.

    • Christian says:

      Oh my gosh! I’m so honored that you found my website! I always talk about Direct Hits with the highest respect… I’m such a big fan of improving students’ vocabularies. That book sounds like a great idea and I would be thrilled to have a review copy. I’m going to e-mail you with more details, ok?

      Everyone should say thanks to Larry for commenting on this blog, haha :) he writes great SAT prep stuff for the Critical Reading section!

  11. Chris says:

    Hey Christian , how are you? Is there a way we can talk through email?
    I would really appreciate a response…

    Thank you in advance

  12. Rosa says:

    Your posts are incredibly helpful, so thank you so SO much!
    My SAT is in October and needless to say I am majorly freaking out.
    Especially about the math.
    Anyway, thank you!!

    • Christian says:

      Thanks Rosa! I love when people tell me the articles are helping them.

      Get in that blue book and practice the math!

      Don’t forget to work on vocab and reading over summer.

      Good luck! :)

  13. Anastas says:

    I’m more than happy that I discovered your blog and bought your books. Everything written by you was extremely helpful and insightful, and, combined with other resources, helped me to get a very high score (There aren’t qualified enough tutors where I live so I had to rely on the Internet). I think you deserve to be much more popular.

    • Christian says:

      This absolutely makes my day (especially that YOU got a high score on the test! love knowing I was a small part of helping someone else achieve their goals) – I’m having a goofy tutor moment where I get all giddy and sentimental about the whole thing. And it’s really great that the internet is helping knowledge get out there so much faster than ever before. I ALSO believe that we should be more popular, heh – but don’t worry – I have a very, very good feeling that we soon will be.. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, coming soon :) Glad the books helped. That’s sure all any author ever needs to hear to be smiling and humming for the rest of the day, hehehe
      – C

  14. Pradeeta says:

    Hey there! Not a SAT taker, but very much interested in the examination! Here’s a hello to you from India! :D

    I have recently read your “Top 30 examples to Use as SAT Essay Evidence” for work and loved the approach! Therefore, I thought I will drop a word of appreciation! :)

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