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The SAT Writing section, and particularly its grammar multiple-choice questions, are a source of unnecessary frustration and concern for many SAT prep students.

But like any standardized test, the SAT Writing section is beatable…

…even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly good student.

Even the simple fact that you’re reading this right now is evidence that you want to succeed.

Who is this book for?

I planned this book to be for students scoring between about 350 to 700 on the SAT Writing section.

If your SAT Writing score is in this range, you probably understand some or many of these twelve grammar concepts, but are shaky enough to need to review them.

Not sure what your SAT Writing score would be, or still not convinced that this book is for you?

Continue reading for a FREE link to the first half of the pretest, which you can use to judge your need to review the material in this book.

What is included in this book?

This is a full-length book that you can download immediately from anywhere in the world.

It was written entirely by me, a professional SAT tutor – I didn’t trust anyone else to write this without my expertise and experience…

I chose to write about 12 topics because it was enough to cover about 80% of the SAT grammar questions without getting overly-deep into grammar.

Only a few rare and advanced topics, such as idioms and proper diction, weren’t included within the scope of this book.

I chose to focus on attacking the most common grammar questions, and the most common topics that my students have questions about.

Add to Cart: SAT Grammar Crammer
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Inside you’ll find:

Twelve grammar lessons and two SAT Writing strategy pre-lessons…

Two diagnostic tests….

Two hundred and fifty-five practice questions… with explanations for each question.

How this book works:

Like I said, this is a full-length book, but the beauty of it is that it’s organized in such a way that you don’t have to do any more work than you need.

You’ll start off with a 25-question pretest, which points you in the direction of any of the 12 SAT grammar topics that you need to practice.

When you’ve finished studying, there is a 25-question posttest that checks you again on all 12 grammar skills.

Some of you will only need to use 20% of this book, others can make use of all 100%. It meets you at your level.

The potential value of this book:

Take a moment to think about the potential value of this inexpensive book.

I charge $50 per hour for one-on-one SAT tutoring (and believe me, I’m cheap because I’m a small local business – many “big-name” companies charge $85-$125 per hour for the same services).

We could probably cover one of these grammar topics in about 30 minutes. That’s $25 worth of one-on-one tutoring.

Imagine if your score was more in the 500s range, and you used this book, and found 6 topics that you needed to brush up on. In my experience as a tutor, students that need help with 6 or more grammar topics are not uncommon at all.

If you learned those 6 topics in one-on-one lessons, it might cost you $150 in tutoring fees.

Now, compare that to the $19.99 this book would cost you, and I think you’ll see the value in the information that I’m almost giving away for free.

And … if you want a refund on this e-book, for any reason, I’ll be happy to provide it.

Just $19.99. Give it a read by clicking the “Buy Now” button below and speeding through the easy checkout process!

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What students are saying:

Robert, 2310 on SAT: “I think you’ve gone a lot more in depth in your book than the competition has… I think this was a really good idea.”

Elijah, private tutoring student working from an early edition: “I think these [questions] are really good… I think they’re more interesting and funnier than the other examples we used [from a different SAT grammar book]. Did you actually write lessons for all of this too?” [Yes, I did] “Wow, that’s cool. I want the first copy!”

Hannah, private tutoring student also working from the early edition: “So am I like gonna get a copy of this book when you’re done? Can I have the first copy?”

[Sorry Hannah and Elijah; I kept the first copy for myself! :p ]

Conner, private tutoring student: “Yeah, I think I really get this now [the topics we covered with this book that day were parallelism, illogical comparison, and subject-verb agreement]. So did you write this all yourself??” [Yes, I did!]

Pick up your copy of the Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Tips today and see what these students are talking about!

About the author:

Christian Heath, the author of The Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Rules, is also the author and webmaster of His highest SAT score in high school was a 2390, and in October 2011 he scored a perfect 2400 at the age of 24. He is also the owner and instructor at Love the SAT! in Austin, Texas, and has logged nearly 1000 hours of one-on-one SAT tutoring.

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