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On October 1st, I got my 3rd official perfect SAT reading score on the SAT Critical Reading section.

I feel safe saying at this point that it is not luck that has gotten me those three 800s, but a combination of free reading, vocabulary skills, reading-section strategy and SAT test experience that anyone can master if they truly want a perfect SAT reading score.

An 800 on the SAT Reading section is guaranteed to help you win scholarships and seats at top colleges and universities around the world.

I’m pretty proud of this, so I’m going to show you the proof – and I hope it is motivating to you, because it can be done!

Perfect Score 800 on SAT Critical Reading

(My Perfect Score on the October 1st, 2011 SAT)

The cool thing was – I got this perfect SAT reading score even when I missed one Critical Reading question.

I know exactly which question it was, too… I ignored my gut instinct and changed my answer, and as soon as the test was over I knew I had made a mistake. It ate me up inside for weeks while I waited for the scores to come in. I was really frustrated that I might have blown my perfect Critical Reading score.

And when the scores did come in, I was right about one thing – I had missed a question in the Critical Reading – but there it was, nevertheless – a perfect 800 on the SAT Critical Reading.

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A perfect SAT reading score is within your reach as well!

There are four simple action steps you can take starting today to greatly improve your chances of getting a perfect 800 on the SAT Critical Reading section.

1) Learn the secrets of the SAT Critical Reading Section:

First, go download the free Urgent Report on SAT Reading (you can download it for free by subscribing for my mailing list which will also get you more subscriber-only exclusive content).

2) Read my top SAT Reading tips and articles:

Second, check out my blog articles about the SAT reading section – the complete reading archives are here.

Here is a short list of SAT Critical Reading articles that show you where to start:

  1. How to finish the SAT Critical Reading Section On Time
  2. How to Learn Speed Reading
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3) Practice reading sections in the Official SAT Study Guide

Then, do practice sections in the Official SAT Study Guide until you can get a perfect score on the SAT Critical Reading section.

4) Study vocabulary to improve your Critical Reading score

Don’t forget to build your vocabulary! Check out that article for suggested ways to build up your SAT vocab (which will also benefit you for the rest of your academic career, and, well, your whole life!).

Enroll in my Conquer SAT Vocabulary video course on Udemy for two hours of my best vocab tips in high-definition video, plus extras like quizzes and additional reading.

Good luck! Read those articles and you’ll be well on your way to your own perfect score on the SAT Critical Reading!

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