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Feeling frustrated with your current rate of reading? Want to be able to speed-read through articles, novels, and websites at three to five times your current reading speed?

Maybe you want to make sure you finish the SAT or ACT reading section in time?

Here’s the good news: if you ask yourself every day “How can I read faster?” you’re in luck, because I’ve got just the solution for you.

Here’s some (very) quick background:

  • I’m a professional SAT tutor with a perfect score on the SAT Critical Reading section
  • My SAT students constantly ask me “How can I read faster?” so I set out to find an answer to their question
  • My natural reading speed is 600+ WPM (most people definitely consider this “speed-reading”)
  • I recently spend almost three months and 60 hours researching speed reading software and reading improvement programs

At the end of those three months, I found Ace Reader Pro and stopped looking.

If you’re asking yourself “How can I read faster?” this is the solution.

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It will work for anyone, in any age group (although I think children younger than 12 should focus on reading fundamentals before worrying about how to improve their reading speed).

It has glowing testimonials from every age group and demographic – educators, retirees, test preppers, parents of younger children, college students, lawyers, government officials… and myself.

Believe me, I don’t just recommend products randomly; I want to keep my good name, and stay honest.

I spent almost two weeks with this software, working 30 minutes every other day, and saw a massive increase from about 700 WPM to over 1100 WPM in reading.

This happened so easily and naturally that I absolutely feel I should recommend this reading improvement software to anyone who is interested.

Even IF you don’t like it for some reason, you can get 100% of your money back, and they have a very generous 30 day trial period.

The customer service is timely and courteous and I have no doubt that if you ask for your refund, you will promptly get it.

I suggest you try it daily for a week before deciding it doesn’t work. I think you’ll be amazed at your reading speed improvements.

Reading speed is a skill like any other, and can be practiced like any other. You CAN learn to read faster – MUCH faster – and it’s easier than you think.

Read my in-depth review of Ace Reader for even more information if you’re still making up your mind!

If you start today, you’ll know how you can read faster within a few days. So don’t wait.


Continuing to do what you’ve been doing will get you the same frustrating results. Try something different – try Ace Reader Pro!