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The Top SAT Writing Books

Ok, let me start this post off by saying:

As a professional SAT tutor, I own over a dozen SAT Writing books by as many authors.

I’ve used some of these books to teach hours and hours of SAT prep lessons.

I’ve spent entire days at bookstores reading through other SAT Writing books I decided not to purchase.

I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to these textbooks!

But I’ve sorted through the useless and the exceptional, to bring you only the best and most effective books out there.

These are the SAT Writing books I suggest to friends and family and use with my personal students, and I’m proud to recommend them to you.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Best SAT Writing Books!

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Cover the Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Rules with the “SAT Grammar Crammer”

My favorite SAT Writing prep book is, of course, the one I wrote :)

It’s called SAT Grammar Crammer because it’s designed to rapidly bring my students up to par on the most important common grammar topics tested on the SAT Writing section.

Remember, I’ve got two perfect scores on the SAT Writing section and have logged hundreds of hours teaching SAT grammar professionally – and families are happy to pay me $50 an hour to work with them. So, I really know my stuff!

What sets my book apart from most of the competition is the pretest, which tests you on all 12 topics, allowing you to quickly determine what grammar lessons need to spend extra time practicing.

Another huge bonus is that you can download your copy instantly, which is always great – if you’re short on time to study, or if you are just feeling particularly motivated to do your SAT prep at the moment, there’s no waiting around.

When I wrote this SAT Writing book, my goal was to provide enough explanation and practice to thoroughly learn the grammar rules without being too long or boring.

Believe me, grammar isn’t my favorite thing in the world either, so I aimed to be concise and clear, and let the practice questions help you do the learning, so you get to participate a lot.

Check out the details and buy my SAT Writing and Grammar book here!

Go way in-depth with “The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar” by Erica Meltzer

A phenomenal in-depth resource for serious students and teachers, this book and its author are my favorite authorities on SAT grammar.

I don’t think there’s a single topic on the SAT Writing section that this book doesn’t cover with lessons and practice questions.

It’s also clearly written, only using “grammar-speak” when it’s necessary to truly grasp the topic.

There’s a reason it has a 4 1/2 star average review score on Amazon.com!

Let me put it this way – I already had a perfect 800 on the SAT Writing, and I still learned some new tricks from this Writing book!

Erica’s SAT Writing book makes a great companion to my own… you can work on my book instantly while waiting for Amazon to deliver Erica’s book, and you can use my book to quickly review the most common grammar topics on the SAT before going more in-depth into the advanced stuff with “The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar.” Truly a knockout combination for SAT Writing prep!

Click here to buy The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar at Amazon.com!

Check out my best-selling hit, “Top 30 Examples to use as SAT Essay Evidence”

This book on SAT essay evidence has turned out to be my most popular SAT Writing book, selling copies daily in countries across the world!

This book is a organized resource that helps you decide “what to write about” for your SAT essay.

After a couple years of professional SAT prep tutoring, I noticed a common theme among my students: most of them were afraid of “blanking out” when it came time to write their SAT essay early in the morning.

They wanted help deciding what examples to talk about… and I think it’s extremely important to have some “universal” examples ready ahead of time…

Examples like Malcolm X, the Wright Brothers, World War II, etc…

These are broad, impressive, important people and events from history that will guarantee you’re never at a loss for SAT essay examples.

I made sure to use interesting people and stories from a broad selection of subject areas, so you’re guaranteed to find a few examples that really interest you personally.

Then I wrote an introductory paragraph and outlined the specific facts that you should know for each example.

Again, this book sells copies around the world, every day, and you can instantly download it!

I constantly get compliments from satisfied customers about the originality and usefulness of this book… and if it doesn’t help you, for some reason, you can get a complete refund.

You really can’t go wrong!

Click here to purchase Top 30 Examples to Use as SAT Essay Evidence

Get extra practice on the SAT Writing basics with Brian Leaf:

Ok, the name of this book might be ridiculously long, but the lessons inside are interesting and get right to the point!

This was the FIRST SAT Writing book I found that I was actually happy with as a tutor.

I feel that it does an excellent job of covering some of the most important grammar topics on the Writing section, PLUS you get some cool lessons on Critical Reading and the Essay.

It’s not perfect, in my opinion – I want it to have more practice questions for each topic, and I’m not convinced that the Reading lessons are incredibly essential, plus the book is a little on the easy side.

However, it truly shines in terms of clarity, humor, and efficiency – the lessons are short, and to the point.

I love the pretest, which was an idea I copied and tried to improve upon in my own Writing book. As it does in my book, the pretest quickly helps you determine what lessons you need to practice, which saves you time and energy.

Click here to buy this book through Amazon.com!

Master my perfect-scoring SAT Essay method with a concise and straightforward guide book:

Fielding questions about the SAT essay is a huge part of my job. It’s naturally one of the things that students are most curious about when they show up for SAT tutoring with me.

In this brief yet thorough essay guide, I cover SAT Essay structure, outlines, brainstorming, essay prompts, essay length, paragraph structure, introductions, conclusions, and body paragraphs, answer frequently-asked questions, and provide example essays.

If you don’t feel significantly better about the SAT essay after prepping with this book, then you must already be a master.

Go to my online bookstore to get the details on my SAT essay book!

Use these SAT Writing Books in combination for the best results:

If you’re really committed to raising your SAT Writing score, you’ll want to use a mix of all of these books to cover all the angles with different authors and approaches.

Each of these books has definite strengths that you can use to achieve a perfect score in the SAT Writing section.

It’s actually not that hard. The Writing section is probably the easiest SAT section to get a perfect score in, because you just have to learn some simple rules and then practice them.

Since you can easily order any or all of these books from this web page, why don’t you take a moment to do so now, and you’ll be ready to ace the SAT Writing section!

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