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Duke University has sponsored a program for gifted children since 1980 called the Duke TIP or “Talent-Identification Program.”

It was designed to identify academically talented children in the 4th to  7th grade age range using diagnostic testing materials partially borrowed from the SAT test.

Often these gifted children are not recognized as such in a traditional learning environment, and as a result they can benefit from an extra chance to test their full academic potential.

It’s not uncommon for these children to hide their abilities, act out, or even underachieve, and in the case of children who are not native-English students, a large number of these gifted children are not identified.

Duke TIP (Talent-Identification Program), a non-profit organization, provides additional learning avenues for these children through services and programs designed to meet their unique needs. Duke TIP helps gifted children develop their full academic potential through valuable resources and experience.

Duke TIP operates in 16 states and has several residential programs throughout the summer and on weekends.

These programs include:

Additional independent learning opportunities exist as well.

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How to Apply to TIP?

If you are a parent, teacher or student who wishes to apply to the Duke TIP program, the first step is to participate in the 4th to 6th Grade Talent Search.

Students then gain access to benefits such as above-level testing, online lessons, contests and the Duke TIP Book Club.

To qualify for enrollment, a student must have achieved marks in the 95th percentile or above on an approved test or scored 125 or above on an IQ test.

To apply, you need to determine a qualifying test and score. You can do this by visiting Qualifying for the Duke Talent Search.

The online application only accepts one score, so it is important to determine the best score.

Homeschooled students can also apply online.

If you don’t have a qualifying test score it is possible to apply with a coordinator’s recommendation from your school counselor.

Costs of attending the Duke TIP Program:

Costs associated with various Duke Programs are as follows:

  • The 4th to 6th Grade Talent Search costs just $37 (2013), which covers writing contest materials, publications, and other online benefits that continue through to the end of grade 6.
  • The 7th Grade Talent Search costs $73.
  • Summer Studies cost just under $4000, varying upon location. Summer studies provide students with tremendous academic experiences, fond memories and 3 weeks to explore their abilities and develop relationships with peers.

Duke TIP Talent Identification Search There are TIP fee grants, financial aid, scholarships and grants to qualifying students who are from low-income families. Money is not usually a barrier to this program.

Students gain valuable experiences in the Duke TIP programs, furthering and fostering their academic talents, while encouraging them to utilize, not hide, their gifted talents.

This support not only supports these children through their programs and opportunities, but also gives them skills and advantages when applying to and attending colleges and scholarships in the future.

I highly recommend attending any Duke TIP programs that you can.

In fact, I myself attended Duke TIP Summer Program.

Today I am an author, SAT tutor and self-employed businessman.

I went to the program in the summer after 7th grade, based on my high PSAT score, and studied matrix algebra and mechanical engineering for 3 weeks.

There was a lot of free time on a college campus and activities, student hangouts, and time to relax.

It definitely led to fond memories and a great academic experience, and certainly enriched my college and scholarship applications when the time came to fill them out.

Student Experiences Within The TIP Program:

To hear students talk about the program, check out: Duke TIP Student Experiences (with video)

As students work their way through high school, there are additional Duke Programs designed to challenge and enhance their educational experience.

Students can enroll in online learning courses (eSeminars and eStudies), independent learning courses, Scholar Weekends, and Field Studies and Institutes.

The Duke TIP programs enhance a student’s learning experience and opportunities and also helps prepare them for post-secondary education and college-scholarship applications.

Many of the students who participate in Duke programs take the ACT/SAT tests in grade 7, alongside high school students. These test scores are often very high and help prepare these gifted students for college and university by enabling them to develop excellent study habits early on.

The test scores can also result in scholarships, state or national recognition, medals, and additional educational benefits.

Being a Duke participant is an additional benefit when applying to post-secondary institutions and scholarships; it is a highly recognized and respected achievement for students to be able to include on their applications.

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