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SAT Writing Practice Questions

As a professional SAT prep tutor, I frequently found myself running out of practice questions for the writing multiple-choice portion of the SAT.

Furthermore, the grammar practice questions that I had available were not well-organized, nor did they help me teach the grammar topics that I thought were most important to the SAT Writing section.

So, I set out to “write the book” on SAT grammar, and created a new resource for myself and my students.

This project became The Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Rules, a fantastic SAT Writing practice book that you can purchase today in print or instant-access download.

The idea behind this book is that you take a short pretest and grammar diagnostic to figure out which of the top 12 SAT Writing topics you need to review.

Then you can learn the grammar rules that you don’t understand, do practice questions, and improve your SAT Writing score!

In order to convince you of the value of my book, I’m giving away the first half of the grammar practice pretest.

This SAT Writing pretest is completely free… you don’t even have to give me your e-mail address or anything.

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Just take the 12-question mini-pretest below, and check your answers to determine where you currently stand in SAT grammar rules.

Here’s the link to the FREE sample pretest as a PDF document: 
SAT Writing and Grammar Mini-Pretest

Use it to discover which of the Top 12 SAT Grammar rules you need to practice!

If you miss 2 or more questions on the pretest, you need to get my book on The Top 12 SAT Writing Grammar Rules today!

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