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Though I no longer am an ACT tutor and I focus exclusively on SAT prep (because I think SAT prep is a better choice for almost all students), I still have a solid list of high-quality ACT practice questions that I built up through my time spent tutoring the ACT.

Therefore, this post was written to help you solve a common problem – not having enough ACT practice questions available.

I wrote a similar post called “ACT Prep Questions,” which overlaps somewhat with this post, but if you need an explanation for every single practice problem, you should check out the other post instead.

In this post I’ve also added books with standalone ACT practice questions and no explanations beyond the correct answer. This does make for a slightly longer list, but you won’t always get help from the book if you don’t understand what you’re doing wrong.

Unlike for the SAT, it’s difficult to find realistic, full-length ACT practice tests, but over the years I’ve managed to find some good sources… some are free, and some are in reasonably-priced books that you can order on Amazon.com through this site – I’ll link to them in this post.

Some are free, and some can be found in reasonably-priced ACT prep books that you can purchase on Amazon through this post.

Websites with FREE ACT Practice Questions:

Number2.comNumber2.com is fantastic for SAT and ACT practice questions, and is completely free! Though there are limits to the supply of free ACT practice questions, it does have enough of each question type (Math, English, Science, Reading) to keep you busy.

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Plus, all the questions and wrong answers are completely explained. Since Number2.com is completely free, it would be pretty hard to go wrong, and the ACT practice questions are fairly accurate in terms of mimicking the real ACT.

The Official ACT Practice Test: A short mini-test offered FREE of charge by the authors of the actual ACT and the same people who write the Real ACT guide. Since they’re real ACT questions, they are the most realistic practice questions available! Each of the questions on the site comes with right and wrong answer explanations.

The Best ACT Practice Questions in books:

It’s a no-brainer to remind you about The Real ACT Prep Guide, which has 3 complete official ACT exams and explanations for each of the questions. This is one ACT prep book you absolutely must own. The explanations can be hit or miss, and you’ll want to supplement this book with another source of practice questions that have better explanations, like the Brian Leaf books listed below.

Brian Leaf’s ACT practice books: Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: ACT Math, and Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: ACT English, Reading, and Science, are amazing compilations of just about everything you need to know for the ACT, with practice problems of various difficulties. Brian Leaf has a great ability to break down standardized tests like the ACT and SAT into manageable bits, and I use his books with ALL my tutoring students. The book explains all the problems in the back!

The Princeton Review’s 1296 ACT Practice Questions is a massive tome filled with additional practice problems. Despite how no-nonsense this book is, or maybe because of it, I’m a very fond of it. The questions aren’t perfect, but they are pretty close to the real thing, and overall it “feels” very realistic to work in this book in terms of relative difficulty, style, etc. This is the big daddy for students who just can’t get enough ACT practice questions.

By the way, if you’re here for ACT prep, even though this mainly is an SAT prep site, I want you to take a look at Ace Reader Pro, an effective speed reading and reading improvement software program that I found after months of research. The ability to skim and read quickly and efficiently is a talent that comes in handy on both the ACT and the SAT.

And if you’re still reading, remember – I think SAT prep is a better option for you than ACT prep!

Check out this list of ACT prep books for great sources of questions, review and practice!

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