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I don’t tutor ACT prep anymore, preferring to concentrate exclusively on SAT prep because I think it’s much more successful for the majority of students.

In fact, here’s an explanation for why I prefer teaching SAT prep instead of ACT prep and why I think the SAT is the better choice for almost every student.

However, I did teach the ACT long enough to learn how to find sources of good ACT prep questions.

These aren’t just ACT practice questions – these questions are from sources that also EXPLAIN the correct answer to each question. That’s why they’re “ACT Prep Questions” instead of “ACT practice questions.” Check out that other link for a few more sources of ACT practice questions with and WITHOUT explanations.

Anyway, two of these sources are FREE websites, and two more are reasonably-priced ACT prep books that you can purchase on Amazon through this post.

Free sources of ACT Prep Questions

Number2.com: Number2.com is an amazing resource for SAT prep and ACT prep, and is completely free! Though it doesn’t provide an endless supply of ACT prep questions, it does have enough of each question type (Math, English, Science, Reading) to keep you occupied for a little while. Plus, each question has a complete explanation, as do the wrong answers. Since it’s completely free, you really can’t go wrong, and the questions are pretty accurate in terms of mimicking real ACT questions.

The Official ACT Practice Test: This is a short mini-test provided for FREE by the authors of the actual ACT. Obviously, the questions are more than realistic – they’re real ACT questions! Each of the ACT prep questions at this site has an explanation for right and wrong answers.

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The Best ACT Prep Questions in books:

Brian Leaf’s ACT prep books: Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: ACT Math, and Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: ACT English, Reading, and Science are delightful collections of concept and topic explanations and practice problems of various difficulties. As an author, Leaf has a knack for breaking down things into perfectly clear chunks – I use his books with ALL my tutoring students, regardless of their current level. He also explains all the correct answers at the back.

Of course, I can’t go without mentioning The Real ACT Prep Guide, which has 3 complete official ACT exams and explanations of each question. The explanations aren’t always the best, but this is one ACT prep book you absolutely must own.

If you’re here for ACT prep, even though this mainly is an SAT prep site, I want you to take a look at Ace Reader Pro, which will help boost your reading speed without too much time spent practicing – a skill that comes in handy for any standardized test.

Now check out this complete list of the best ACT Prep practice books!

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