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Do you have a plan for how you’re going to warm up on for the real test on SAT morning?

In addition to making sure you bring the right stuff to the test, it’s important to get your brain in gear with an SAT warm up before you show up to start the test so that you can have your best-possible test day experience (it usually leads to your best scores, too!).  

Use my 15-minute SAT Warm Up Routine

First, pick up your Official SAT Blue Book and spend 3 minutes warming up with a short reading passage to get your eyes and reading mind in shape for the test.

Practice taking notes to get your note-taking juices flowing.

Answer the two questions and practice your elimination.

Then do, according to your skill level…

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1) Three medium level math questions from your weak spots in my SAT Math Basics Book or Advanced SAT Math Book.

2) One easy- or medium-difficulty vocabulary question.

3) Review your evidence for the essay by writing down the names and titles of your examples (Examples of SAT Essay evidence)

4) Try a couple of SAT grammar practice questions with the time you have left  

A good SAT warm-up will increase your score and your confidence!

You’re ready to go… but don’t forget to bring a snack for your breaks!

Good luck – you’ll do great – take a deep breath and go get ‘em!

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