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Although the test is supposedly “standardized,” I’ve taken the SAT enough times to know that it doesn’t always end at the exact same time.

Little inefficiencies crop up here and there (someone needs to borrow extra pencils, a student asks the proctor a bunch of questions, the doors at the school are locked…)

Pro Tip: Don’t worry too much about what time the SAT ends:

Here’s a piece of advice, too: don’t get too focused on when the test ends. You should be prepared to focus to your absolute maximum potential for the entire exam and take it seriously from start to finish.

Part of getting a high score on the SAT is understanding that it’s not meant to be fun.

“What time does the SAT end?” is a distracting question that takes away from your essential goal: to get as many questions right as possible.

You will get your best score if you focus on acing one section of the SAT at a time. Don’t think about the future, or how much time is left… your attention only belongs in one place: on the question you’re doing.

That being said:

The SAT ends between 12:30 and 1 pm, depending on the efficiency of your proctor and the other students that are with you.

One thing’s for sure… you’ll be ready to get out of the testing room as soon as you’re finished! That’s the one good thing about starting the SAT so early, at 8 am – at least you still have a weekend to enjoy once you’re done!

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