What time does the SAT start?

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Wondering about the SAT test start time?

The SAT typically starts at 8 am, and you should plan on showing up at least a few minutes early in case something unexpected happens.

There always seems to be time-wasting inefficiency as proctors and students find their testing rooms, but you shouldn’t count on this… because if you show up late you might find yourself locked out of the testing center.

“What time does the SAT start?” can also be a misleading question, because although the test doesn’t start till a bit after 8 am, your brain should be getting started up to an hour before that. You’ll want to eat a good breakfast, warm up with practice SAT questions, make sure you have your supplies ready, and get to the testing location early enough to avoid any unnecessary stress or panic.

Pro Tip: Arrive early to avoid missing the SAT starting time

I usually plan to arrive 20 minutes early, so that I can find parking and find the entrance to the test center. Don’t underestimate how confusing this can be… if you’re taking the SAT at an unfamiliar school with a big campus, it might take you a while to find where you’re supposed to be. I just try to follow the crowd.

Don’t forget what you’ll need to bring: pencils, photo ID, admissions ticket, calculator, batteries, a snack, water, and layered clothes.

You’ll be done between 12:30 and 1 pm.

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